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Joiners Live Presents
with Tricot
November 7, 2023 7:30 pm GMT
The Joiners , 141 St Mary's Street, Southampton
Ages 14 and Up

"tricot” is a Japanese rock band that was formed in the historical land cultural city of Kyoto on Sep 1, 2010.

The band develops an unusual and distinctive sound that consists of harmonization of pop and emotional vocals with a complex rhythm. The members are not familiar with math rock and such harmonization is not created on purpose.

“tricot” has been to many places around the world and successfully held a total of 129 shows overseas through 3 Asia tours, 3 Europe tours including a supporting act for Pixies in the UK, US tours and UK tours. On their UK and European tour in September 2022, tricot played 20 shows in 10 countries, with a series of sold-out one-man shows.

Their concert events are often sold-out and tricot is active throughout the world as musicians.